Terrazzo style recycled tiles from Coldharbour Tiles

Every now and then, something crosses my path that stops me in my tracks. Coldharbour Tiles is one of those things. Founded in 2018, the company makes tiles out of 100% recycled plastic sourced from Rwanda. With a deep commitment to removing plastic out of the waste stream while producing a stylish product, it’s companies like this that will be the way forward.

The tiles look like terrazzo, which, as you know, is having a serious moment right now in interiors and beyond. Since terrazzo’s got staying power, trend-wise, why not try out this eco-friendly tile option? I love the green hexagon shaped version, but they come in nine colours and three shapes (rectangle, square, hexagon). Have a little look at their Insta:

I spoke briefly with the founder, Emily, and she confirmed that you would use regular grout and the same tools to cut the tiles that you would if they were ‘normal’ tiles (ceramic or porcelain). It’s advisable to cut the tiles outside, to prevent plastic dust in your home. Apparently though you can use them outside since the material is so durable, they’re primarily designed for inside use. They’d be super cute in a kid’s bathroom or playful downstairs loo. I plan on doing a splashback in my utility room with them.

Right now, Coldharbour Tiles are operating a Kickstarter campaign, to help them enter production. They’ve only got until 11th April (less than 20 days!). You can pledge by clicking through to their campaign here.

I’ve made a pledge to their Kickstarter myself, in exchange for a set of 12 hexagon tiles. If you back the campaign now with a larger pledge, you can receive around a 30% discount on tiles for a future project. Once up and running, Emily confirmed they will ship internationally.

I hope you’ll considering contributing to their campaign - let’s get these guys in production and keep plastics out of our oceans!

image credit: Coldharbour Tiles

image credit: Coldharbour Tiles