DIY glass cleaner spray with just 4 ingredients

It’s March so it’s springtime, right? Well not technically, but we’re nearly there. So it’s high time for a spring clean.

In that vein, this week I’ll be sharing several ULTRA quick recipes for homemade cleaning sprays and a few other eco-friendly cleaning options. These options I’ll share are fab ways to cut back on the plastic you bring through your door, and mean you can reduce the toxic chemicals around the house too. Because the DIY cleaners are made with safe (non-toxic) ingredients, you can even get your kids involved in making them. Why not set up a little science bench and get them mixing?! Plus, homemade cleaning products are cheap cheap cheap to make.

First up is glass cleaning spray. (Full disclosure, I found this recipe over on

glass spray.png

You need just 4 ingredients

  1. Water:  200 ml or ~1 cup (slightly less than a full cup). You can used distilled water, or water that’s been boiled and cooled. I used plain old tap water and it worked well. Up to you, but since we’re trying to save plastic here, have a good think about buying bottled distilled water (as in, buy BULK if you have to!).

  2. Vinegar: 250ml or 1 cup. I used white vinegar from the supermarket.

  3. Essential oil: 10 drops. This helps mask the vinegar smell. I used grapefruit oil, but you can use any (peppermint, lemon, lavender).

  4. Corn Starch (aka corn flour): ½ Tablespoon.

chalk labels from Wilko

chalk labels from Wilko

Other stuff you need
An amber bottle with a spray nozzle (~500ml size) with a spray nozzle. I sourced this one from Amazon (sorry guys, but they’re your BFF when you need something on the fly).

Labels. I got these (shown in the photo) from Wilko.

Does it work?

Hell yeah! Check out this before and after of my glass-top induction cooker. But make sure you shake the mixture up before each use. I also recommend a microfibre cloth.


  • Water: free from tap (alternatively buy bulk distilled water for ~£10).

  • Vinegar: ~£.50 for 568ml bottle, I used about 1/3 of the bottle. You can also buy it in bulk if you’re going to be using lots of it, the best place is eBay. Cost/batch = £0.16

  • Corn starch: ~£0.60 for whole box, I used about a teeny tiny amount!

  • Essential oil: ~£2. Cost/batch = £0.20.

  • Bottle: £4.5, but you can use this for a fair few years before you’d need to replace the plastic nozzle /straw.

  • Labels: £1.5 for 12 labels. Cost/bottle = £0.125

Estimated cost per batch is <£1.

Why make this switch?

You’ll save 2-3 plastic bottles per year, per household (plus all the manufacture and transport)

You’ll prevent these chemicals from entering your home: isopropyl Alcohol, monoethanolamine, and butyl glycol. Read more here.

What do you think? have you ever tried to DIY your own cleaners? I wonder what Mrs Hinch would do?!

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