How to make oatmilk in 3 easy steps + tetra pak recycling

For today’s #feelgoodfriday tip I am sharing a 3 step process to make your own alternative milk. I used oats in this recipe, but you can do this with almonds or cashews as well. It is super duper easy, and saves you from buying cartons which are not easily recyclable (Tetra ak I am looking at you). I’m not vegan but I find alternating from cow’s milk a nice change. And I like oatmilk best because it goes well in both tea and coffee.

Step 1: SOAK

Soak your oats for 30 minutes or overnight. I recommend a 3:1 water to oats ratio, so 3 cups of water, 1 cup of oats. Go organic if you fancy! Nuts may need to be soaked overnight.

Step 2: BLEND

Once soaked oats are drained and rinsed, place in blender with new water, using the same ration as before (3:1 water to oats).

Step 3: STRAIN

Pour the mixture into a nut milk bag to strain out. This is the one I use. You can also use cheesecloth. That’s it!

oat milk.gif

A word on carton or Tetra Pak recycling

It is a common misperception that Tetra Pak containers can be put into your curbside recycling. Many councils do not have the plants to process these though! I really hope you’ll consider ditching Tetra Paks all together by making easy changes like this one >>> but in case you will use them, please check this link if you’re in the UK for where and how to recycle Tetra Pak containers properly.

Have you made your own oat or nut milk ? Pop a comment below to let me know if you’re going to give this a go, or how it went. Also, please do share if you know someone who might be interested.