Making the switch to bamboo loo roll

This Friday’s #feelgoodfriday eco-tip is maybe a little TMI for some, but it is an easy peasy way to reduce the plastic in your life. I’m talking about bulk buying bamboo toilet roll, people. Who said blogging isn’t glamorous, eh?!

bulk buying normal loo roll still results in way too much plastic

bulk buying normal loo roll still results in way too much plastic

What’s wrong with regular bulk loo roll? Last year we started bulk buying normal toilet roll from Amazon mostly because we don’t have a car. Yes we’re old school and still go to the bricks and mortar shop for our weekly shops, and yes we use our bicycles. I’m all about that low-carbon life where possible! Anyway, carrying a huge pack of loo roll doesn’t work well for us. I also thought buying bulk would mean less plastic packaging. So on to Amazon I popped and began ordering that way. But while I was sent a huge cardboard box, it was just full of smaller packs, all with their plastic packs intact. LAME.

So I’ve done a little research that I want to share with you about how to get around this and do loo roll sustainably.

Main things to look out for:

  1. Paper-only or biodegradable packaging. Bulk loo roll should have less plastic, but there are plenty of sustainable toilet paper companies offering their rolls in plastic still. Be sure to source that which has paper-only or biodegradable packaging.

  2. Bamboo paper (or 100% recycled paper if you must). Bamboo paper is much more sustainable than other papers since bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested in 3-4 months. Trees can take up to 30 years before they’re ready to harvest. And yes, loo roll is still made from virgin trees in most cases. Recycled paper is an option but only as a second choice.

  3. Sign up for a subscription. No more schlepping toilet roll around the supermarket and no more running out! It’s just one less thing to worry about really, and who doesn’t need that?


Who Gives a Crap (WGAC) seems like the best option. I’m sure you’ve all seen the adverts by now, but this is not an ad- they really do tick all the boxes: low impact packaging, low impact material and you can subscribe so that you don’t really need to ever think about buying loo roll again. WGAC also donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. Did you know that over 2 BILLION people do not have access to toilet facilities? That means for every 10 people, around 4 do not have a loo. How is that even a thing in 2019?! So these guys are doing properly good work while also providing us an environmentally friendly alternative. They also have a free trial offer at the moment, but supplies are limited, go, go, go!

photo credit: who gives a crap

photo credit: who gives a crap

There are other options in the UK, but these, in my opinion, are not as environmentally friendly since they come in plastic wrapping or in smaller packs. Those with plastic packaging claim it is recyclable, though it’s worth checking with your local council. In case you want the details here are the main options in the UK:

Cheeky Panda is bamboo and comes in a 9 pack, wrapped in plastic. GreenCane is bamboo, but comes in a smaller 4 pack typically. This packaging is biodegradable, and can also be composted, but will require good composting heat to achieve a faster break down. Eco-leaf and Renova  are both 100% recycled paper (not bamboo), and come in a 12 pack wrapped in plastic.

In the US, there are a few more options in addition to WGAC-USA as well. I found Tushy and Pure Planet Club to be options which offer larger packs and plastic free wrapping.

Of course there are a few options on good old Amazon, but from what I can see very few are truly plastic free!

Toilet paper is a slightly less fabulous area to make a switch in than others. But I set out to share weekly tips which are easy switches that you can feel good about and this is a big one! Switching up your toilet roll game has never been easier, what are you waiting for?

Source: Photo credit: Matt Brown, Flickr