Introduction to The Good Interiors Co.

So for the sake of getting this site set up and running, I just jumped straight into posting without really introducing myself. I’m Robin and welcome to the Good Interiors Company bulletin. This is a space where I aim to bring my experience with environmental sustainability to bear in the interiors world.

yours truly in York

My background

I currently work as a climate change policy and risk analyst. In case that doesn’t mean anything to you I work on projects and initiatives which help organisations and governments understand manage and react to current and future risks which stem from climate change. Things like showing how flooding and changing rainfall patterns might impact sites or investments or researching nature-based solutions as an alternative to man made infrastructure. I have worked in the climate change, energy efficiency, and wider sustainability field for close to 10 years now and hold an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics. My interest in environmental conservation and in solving climate issues were developed during my upbringing in Northern California- a place with more trees than people and a backdrop of beautiful mountains and lakes.

I’ve also been interiors obsessed since I can remember. I’m a serial decorator, an interiors aesthete. I’m a frustrated creative doing a relatively non-creative job. I’m that person who moves even hotel furniture around!

At the intersection of interiors and the environment

Interior design, decor and the environment don’t often collide, but I don’t see why they can’t. There are now many sustainable products and materials on the market and a growing interest and curiosity around the environmental impact of everyday life. They say 2019 is the year of the vegan after all. But with this growing interest, there is still a lot of confusion about what actions people can take, what is genuinely sustainable, and a general anxiety about how much comfort people will have to give up if they do take action.

I want to bring my experience with sustainability to the interiors world to cut through some of this concern. The Good Interiors Co bulletin will be a guide to designing and decorating in an eco-conscious way along with practical tips to reduce environmental impacts in daily life. Importantly, I will show how to do this in a design-led way, without giving up style. This is about consciously chic interiors and living.

What will The Good Interiors Co. bulletin cover?

I have lots planned for this year, from reviews of products and services which enable a conscious approach to interior design and decorating to trips to producers of innovative materials. On the bulletin, you can expect to hear weekly updates on ways to go plastic-free as well as ways to source sustainable materials and products. In addition, I will be taking you on several field trips throughout the year to visit some of Britain’s leading innovators in sustainable materials. That said, I want to hear from you on what your concerns are around sustainable interiors. Trouble sourcing vegan rugs? Not sure if one material is better than another? Drop me a line.

Is that all?

Actually, no! No rest for the wicked. I am now taking on a limited number of interior design clients, both residential and commercial. I will be offering introductory rates in the first half of this year, so please get in touch if you would like to set up an initial consultation. This can be anything from a review of your current plans to vet their sustainability, to mood boards, to concept design.

Stay in touch!

I would also love to hear from you if there is something in the environmental-interiors nexus that you’d like to hear or learn more about. you can comment below or send an email to Also, feel free to reach out on my Instagram account @eco_pontcanna_terrace- this is where I share pics of my own home. I often do polls on stories, etc so you can give your feedback there too. Finally, a monthly newsletter is under development, which you can sign up for in at the bottom of this page